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About the House
house is a concept that has been closely intertwined with the lives of us; the people living on this vast plateau for a prolonged period of time. The people here did not want or could have been unable to set up an inconsistent house not in line with other aspects of their lives. House has always been inseparably interwoven with the sky, the earth, and their art, belief, ritual, and profession.
The building consists of the inclined entrance hallway, the vestibule, the porch, the central courtyard, the main cellar, the troglodytic cellar, four three-door rooms, and two five-door rooms which form a genuine Persian sunken courtyard on four levels of land
About the Boutique Hotel
This time, other coordination was required to meet the demands of today's guests in a building designed according to the needs of people from another era, and at the same time, preserve the possibility to feel the life experience absorbing us.
... a suite consisting of three double rooms, each with a full service outside the rooms desired by the people of yesterday, and two forty-meter rooms with three beds, a perfect space and complete services inside the room preferred by most of present day guests.

Along with taking photos, having some lovely handcrafts that are the essence of all that fugacious beauties is a tested way for enduring the travel allure.

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