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About the Residence

It would be a pity to enjoy the vitalizing experience of this house alone. Houses in Iran find their true warmth only with guests. We examined various methods and asked many experts for opinion to bring other adventurers together and welcome guests to this place.The large number of interested people and our limited ability in receiving the guests personally, as well as the costly maintenance of historical buildings led us to set up a native and vernacular residence.

This time, other coordination was required to meet the demands of today's guests in a building designed according to the needs of people from another era, and at the same time, preserve the possibility to feel the life experience absorbing us. In other words, we were going to translate the poetry of the past for the people of the present age. It was not easy at all, thus an approximate success would certainly be satisfactory.

Eventually, Sarva Boutique Hotel came into existence; a suite consisting of three double rooms, each with a full service outside the rooms desired by the people of yesterday, and two forty-meter rooms with three beds, a perfect space and complete services inside the room preferred by most of present day guests.